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Essential PHP Security by Chris Shiflett
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  1. Foreword
  2. Preface
  1. Introduction
  2. Forms and URLs
  3. Databases and SQL
  4. Sessions and Cookies
  5. Includes
  6. Files and Commands
  7. Authentication and Authorization
  8. Shared Hosting
  1. Configuration Directives
  2. Functions
  3. Cryptography
  4. Index

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Welcome to the companion web site for my new book, Essential PHP Security. Here you will find the table of contents, sample chapters, reviews, source code, errata, and other relevant resources to help you get the most out of your book.

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Chris Shiflett

"Chris Shiflett has definitely created a masterpiece that I personally believe only he is capable of."

Davey Shafik

"This is nothing short of a seminal work on web application security as it applies specifically to PHP."

Robert Peake

"If you want to write secure apps in PHP, you need this book."

Andrew van der Stock

"Overall, for PHP developers, I give this a solid 10."

Keith Casey

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